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AutoMNT Ŕ un software per creare Digital Elevation Models (DEM) partendo da scansioni di mappe topografiche.
Tra le features principali del programma:

- Multi-layers interface to manage original map, extracted contours and elevation grid
- Common classical image editing tools (zoom, hand, selection, pen, eraser, lines etc.)
- Support every common image formats (JPEG, PNG, PGM, PNM, BMP, GIF ...)
- Import/Export USGS 7'5 DEM files, Terragen, Raw Matrix (ASCII or binary with HDR header compatible with 3DEM), VRML 2.0
- Plug-in based architecture through a DLL mechanism (a Development Kit is coming)
- Contour lines extraction from map through differents filters
- Contour lines reconstruction and edition
- Tools to semi-auto set contour lines's elevations
- Contour lines interpolation with different methods like geodesic distances, Partial Differential Equations, Inverse Distance Weighted Averaging, Radial Basis Functions and kriging
- Elevations related tools
- Embossing filter to preview the terrain rendering
- Realtime 3D visualization and navigation with the Level of Detail (LOD) Duchaineau's `Realtime Optimally-Adapting Meshes' (ROAM) algorithm included (need an OpenGL graphic card)
- Lot of other features...

Windows Nome: AutoMNT
Licenza: Freeware
Versione: n/d
Dimensione: 4.100 Kb
Produttore: Joachim Pouderoux and IPARLA Project » Tutti i software pubblicati
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